History and the present. The limited company „Jakas” is a manufacturer of qualitative, stylish wear and accessories from leather and fur. The company started accumulating its working experience since the year of 1992. As a consequence of continual growing scope of production, a limited company “Jakas” was established in 2003.

In 2003 the first branded trade salon of the limited company “Jakas” was opened in the city of Kaunas. Due to distinguished, original design and high quality, shortly company’s production became popular as a result salons were opened in Vilnius and Šiauliai. The salons offer production of high quality from leather and fur, various accessories. All company’s production is manufactured in Šiauliai. The production of “Laukinis jakas” is able to compete not only in Lithuanian, but in foreign markets as well. The quality and designed style of the production corresponds to European standards.

The collection of the limited company “Jakas”, presented in the exhibition of textile and wear products “Baltijos tekstile ir oda”, which took place at Vilnius “Litexpo” exhibition pavilion in autumn of 2005, was highly appreciated.

The visitors were partial to brand new products, presented by the company in the event “Baltijos stilius” at Vilnius “Litexpo” exhibition pavilion in spring of 2006.

Employees. Only highly qualified specialists are employed in the limited company “Jakas”. Presently over 30 specialists are employed by the company. The most of the employed to start with a sewer to end with a constructor, technologist or designer have working experience of not less than 10 years in the field of leather articles production. The articles from leather and fur are not produced automatically by teamwork. Each product requires much thorough handicraft and technological knowledge. Accordingly, with the help of qualified employees we reach extremely high quality of production.

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